About PlayDiscGolf.org

My name is Jack Trageser, a.k.a. Jack Tupp. I’ve played disc golf for 30 years, written two books on the subject, and founded my company, School of Disc Golf, in 2010. I also helped to design and build Black Mouse and have acted as a liaison between the school district and the disc golf community for 20 years.

The vision for Playdiscgolf.org is fairly ambitious. Without going into too much detail, I want to create an infrastructure and build partnerships that nurture the recreational side of disc golf by supporting, connecting, and further empowering local clubs.

Disc golf is unique in how widely it has spread and how long it has sustained strong growth through almost entirely grassroots methods. I feel strongly about the role local clubs have played and can continue to play providing a positive disc golf experience. An entire chapter of my book, The Disc Golf Revolution, is dedicated to this wondrous phenomenon.

Right now, however, the site is being put to immediate use to help build support for a local course I helped to build and have represented throughout the 20 years it has existed.

Think global, act local, right?

Please help us show an overwhelming amount of support for Black Mouse. Once we achieve our goal, maybe we’ll use this platform to put a spotlight on a threatened course – or efforts to build a future course – near you.