This page will eventually be the homepage for the Chaminade Disc Golf Course, with general course info and links to a separate page for each hole. For now, it’s serving as a way to share course progress and images with those who have volunteered to make it happen.

If you haven’t worked on the course for a while (or at all, yet), much progress has been made! We’re pretty darn close to opening.

  • Baskets and alternative sleeves are all in
  • All teepads are finished except Hole 1, which will happen on December 30th
  • A large majority of the necessary clearing in complete, as is the chipping of clearing piles

The other thing to report is that once the course is ready, it’ll only be accessible to Chaminade guests, for scheduled events, and . . . to those who have helped build the course. It’ll take a while to nail down pay-to-play details, but volunteers will get to use the course right away.

If you recall, the duration of your free access is based on the time you put in on the course- six months per 4 hours of course work. This is something I plan to continue even after the course opens, as there will be ongoing maintenance needs to keep everything dialed in.

When the tees are done and the course is ready to play I will let everyone know where they stand in terms of hours recorded and free access period duration.