Jive Turkey!

“A Papa Jack Tradition”

The Story

Amazing but true: using our trusty Spanek vertical roaster, a basic Weber kettle grill, and around 70 charcoal briquettes, we cook our 20-lb. Thanksgiving turkey in less than 3 hours– and it’s the tastiest turkey you’ll ever eat.

Papa Jack Trageser started our tradition in the 80’s And now for you lucky Web-Off judges, it’s Thanksgiving in July!

Papa Jack’s actual recipe notes are shown below, but here are the basics:

  • Remove the normal cooking grate so you can stand the turkey the turkey up and still close the lid
  • Line kettle and lid with aluminum foil and open all vents
  • Amount of briquettes and time is based on weight of the bird
  • Don’t open the lid until it’s done. No peeking!
A Jive Turkey ‘before’ pic.

“No peeking! DO NOT open the lid!”

Papa Jack Trageser
Papa Jack’s hand-compiled notes on successfully cooking a turkey using a Weber kettle grill.

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Jive Turkey Thanksgiving, 1990-something.

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Papa Jack and Lillian out and about.