My daughter Zelda has been joining me at Black Mouse since before she could walk.

Black Mouse has long been my favorite disc golf course since I started playing about 20 years ago. I grew up in the area, but moved away for my medical training. Throughout medical school and residency, disc golf helped keep me sane. The perfect blend of natural beauty and physical exercise always spoke to me.

Since returning to the area and living in Scotts Valley, I was very disappointed to hear it had closed. I have taken my girls there since they were infants; the eldest is now 6. Black Mouse is the perfect course because it is technical enough for the expert or advanced player, yet short enough that even novice players can enjoy themselves, even without throwing far at all.

I hope the course can return so my family and I can continue to enjoy it and give it the respect it deserved.

― Dr. Victor Nuño, D.O., Scotts Valley, CA