Lili Trageser and her dad
One of my favorite pictures of my daughter and me at Black Mouse.

I helped design and build Black Mouse. I have taught hundreds of kids and teens age 12-16 to play disc golf on that course over the past 20 years, and I know of dozens who have taken it up as their lifetime sport. Most certainly there are dozens more of which I am not aware.

Some of my most treasured memories are of the time I have spent there with my two daughters, who are now both honor roll students at SLVHS. I also treasure playing solitary rounds there early on weekend mornings, reveling in the internal struggle that is golf set against a quiet forest setting.

I remember when we first gained approval to install the course, a major reason was that the school wanted an activity taking place back in the woods to reduce a growing trend of illicit activity. It worked!

More seniors and families are playing disc golf than ever before, and they need this course- this free source of fun, fresh air, bonding exercise. Please, please, bring back Black Mouse.

disc golf teacher
Me teaching a week of disc golf for freshman-sophomore PE in 2019.
― Jack Trageser, Felton, CA