Black Mouse Update: 3/18/21

Black Mouse is closed, for now.

The school district made the decision to pull the baskets out when fires caused the evacuation of the entire valley and resources were stretched thin. Since that time the district decided to undertake a project involving the same land on which the part of the course sits, so the course remained closed. And it has yet to be reopened, due in part to lingering effects of the pandemic and objections to the course’s existence from homeowners whose properties border several holes.

I last spoke with Dr. Sue Bruton, SLVUSD superintendent, two weeks ago, and she informed me that the school board will be officially discussing the fate of the course at an upcoming board meeting. It would seem that the time has come to make sure they understand how much Black Mouse means to so many people, especially residents who treasure a free source of recreation close to home.

If you want to see Black Mouse back in play, please help out by answering the call as outlined on the homepage of this website. Post a testimonial; contact Dr. Bruton (respectfully); show up at the board meeting when they discuss the course. If we all speak up, it should be an easy decision for them.

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