Black Mouse Update 7-29-21

We’re one big step closer as I now have a verbal agreement to reopen Black Mouse. I spoke to SLVUSD superintendent Chris Schiermeyer earlier this week, and these are the two main takeaways from our discussion:

  1. After sharing the steps and conditions he and I had agreed upon with the other members of the SLVUSD board of directors, they all felt comfortable reopening the course assuming the steps are taken and the conditions not violated. The details of our proposal, which were favorably commented on on the Black Mouse FB page) were detailed in my last update.
  2. The water treatment project, which is ongoing and involves the leach fields near the course, requires state approval. The process may not be completed for another six months, and the course can’t open until that happens.

The first condition, and the next step for those who want to help make this happen, is to form the San Lorenzo Valley Disc Golf Club. After that we can get to work on the other steps required to get the course back open. If you want to help launch the club (or just join the club), please complete this short form.

A couple other tidbits to share: Del P. suggested the possibility of relocating the holes closest to the aggrieved neighbors to the area where holes 5-9 were initially located- behind current hole 5, along the road that goes deeper into Fall Creek. We’ll be looking into this possibility as it could accomplish two things- moving play further from residential properties and getting people to park in the elementary and high school lots rather than along the road to the middle school lot.

Finally, I can’t share details yet, but we identified another possible location for another course down the line. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Black Mouse Update 7-29-21

  1. Curious if all the benches remain intact? We can certainly re-purpose any benches from holes that may close due to neighbor proximity….Lemme know when you need me and I’m there. Cheers and good work Jack…..Ben Chezz


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