Black Mouse Update 2-7-22

The wheels of progress grind on.

With tacit approvals in place, the main thing holding us back from a reopen date is the completion and approval of a leach field update project that is partially on/adjacent to the course. The district should have accepted a bid by now, and the work itself supposedly will not take long. Hopefully approval from the state will happen quickly as well.

As for the club, we’re doing our part by cleaning up all the debris that has accumulated from 1.5 years of disuse. Our first work day is Saturday Feb 12th at 10 AM. Show up by hole 1 with gloves and we’ll put you to work.

As soon as we have an idea of when the leach field project will wrap up, we’ll be ordered signage thanks to a very successful Go Fund Me campaign. Thanks to all who contributed.

If you do Facebook, join our group there to stay connected. We will try to keep the news up to date here as well. Thanks!

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