Black Mouse Update: 10-31-22

As of October 27th, 2022, the San Lorenzo Valley Disc Golf Club and San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District have a signed agreement in place that should enable the reopening of the San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District Black Mouse Disc Golf Course, hopefully by Thanksgiving.

Our new club has agreed to a number of terms in exchange for the reopening and continued use of the disc golf course. If you are one of the many who have asked me over the past two years how you can help with Black Mouse, you are about to get your chance!

The most important thing everyone can do is obey all posted rules, from where to park (the elementary school lot), to the no-brainers (no play during school hours, no alcohol, no smoking, no illegal substances, no littering), and even no dogs, leashed or otherwise. Also, spread the word. Make it clear to everyone that we take these rules seriously.

We have a scheduled work day on the course on Sunday, November 6th, starting at 9 AM. Bring gloves, loppers, and heavy-duty rakes. If you’re skilled at cutting up big logs, we need you!

The club is taking on the responsibility for ensuring disc golfers don’t leave trash anywhere on school property, or doing the best we can to minimize it. Part of this will be to create a volunteer schedule so that someone checks the parking lot and course at the end of the day on Sundays to ensure school maintenance doesn’t have to deal with it on Mondays. Signing up to do this once a month would be a great way to help keep Black Mouse open.

More New Info

  • One new rule popped up when we discussed basic school rules. Pets of any kind are not allowed on school property. This means no dogs, period, except for true service animals. The signage we put up will reflect this.
  • The school has decided that the elementary school parking lot is the only location disc golf courses users will be allowed to park. All course listings will reflect this.

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