Black Mouse Update 01-13-23

Next Club Meeting, The State of the Course, Next Steps Forward

The course opened just before the Thanksgiving break, as planned. It took place without announcement or fanfare to minimize any unforeseen negative impact, but as expected word spread quickly anyway.

The positives were enormous and plentiful, and the negatives (I’ll get to them shortly) few and mostly minor.

I’ve run into and heard from sooo many people who are thrilled to have the Mouse back, most pledging to help us make sure disc golf in SLV survives and thrives. Hearing the stories and seeing the happy faces has been incredibly gratifying.

On the down side,

  • Some cars are still parking in the wrong place, but that should get better as word spreads and the school remembers to keep the middle school gate closed.
  • Believe it or not, despite all the signs we’re still finding trash on the course, including beer bottles
  • Some players took it upon themselves to modify the course. That just can’t happen. The club and only the club, in conjunction with the district, makes those decisions.

All in all, though, disc golfers have represented themselves and the sport well since the course reopened. Now we’ll see how we do with school back in session. Moving forward . . .

The storms have already created new damage in multiple places around the course. Work will need to be done, and equipment replaced. This will be addressed at the next meeting, on Wednesday January 25th at 6 PM at Redwood Pizza in Felton. We’ll schedule work days and other maintenance and discuss possible events in 2023.

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