Black Mouse Update 6-02-22 B

Two months between updates, and now two in one day!

I got the following reply just now to my query about the project progress and felled trees:

“The Wastewater Treatment project goes out to bid tomorrow (6/3). I do not anticipate a start date before mid-August. State Permits were delayed.

The trees were a major hazard. We had to get them down. We will be moving some of the debris in the coming weeks but we are swamped with year-end and graduation projects. Kids first.

I will work on getting a project site map to determine if the course would be playable during construction or at least where detours may be necessary.

Have you sent over an Agreement to Chris Schiermeyer laying out terms and conditions as discussed yet? Hours of operation, responsibilities for maintenance and clean-up, parking limitations, posted rules, liability insurance, etc.?”

I replied saying we would help with the debris IF it meant getting the course open sooner, before the project is completed.

I will work on drafting an agreement if that is required. If someone wants to help (depending on what is required) that’d be great.

The positive takeaway is that the path to reopening is still there. Let’s schedule a meeting in the near future to discuss. Thanks everyone!

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