After several months of no news on reopening Black Mouse Disc Golf Course, we recently posted not once but twice on the same day. And now more to share.

The same day that I spoke to the head of district operations and learned of the septic project just going out to bid, I received a call from the superintendent. He said he wanted me to know he wasn’t avoiding me, just busy with end-of-year stuff. He promised to call a week later, but called early, the day after graduation.

He said they were informed by their arborists that those trees had to come down as they posed a safety risk; having played the course plenty since we built it 20 years ago, I’ve seen plenty of downed trees- a couple almost as they happened. He said they plan to go in there and clean up but have another pressing issue.

The best bid they received to replace the turf at the Quail Hollow site came in way high, according to the super, so they need to use their own staff to do the work. After that, they plan to clear the recent tree falls. That will hopefully happen while the septic project is being undertaken.

I know it’s frustrating and even nerve-wracking waiting and hoping for the Return of the Mouse. My personal perspective is one of optimism. As long as I am not hearing No, my assumption is Yes.

The previous paragraph aside, this blog’s purpose is to ensure you all know what I know as I interact with school district officials. In other words, straight news. The proper forum for sharing opinions and making decisions is an official club meeting, and as president I suggest we schedule one soon. All in favor?

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