Black Mouse Update 6-13-22

After several months of no news on reopening Black Mouse Disc Golf Course, we recently posted not once but twice on the same day. And now more to share.

The same day that I spoke to the head of district operations and learned of the septic project just going out to bid, I received a call from the superintendent. He said he wanted me to know he wasn’t avoiding me, just busy with end-of-year stuff. He promised to call a week later, but called early, the day after graduation.

He said they were informed by their arborists that those trees had to come down as they posed a safety risk; having played the course plenty since we built it 20 years ago, I’ve seen plenty of downed trees- a couple almost as they happened. He said they plan to go in there and clean up but have another pressing issue.

The best bid they received to replace the turf at the Quail Hollow site came in way high, according to the super, so they need to use their own staff to do the work. After that, they plan to clear the recent tree falls. That will hopefully happen while the septic project is being undertaken.

I know it’s frustrating and even nerve-wracking waiting and hoping for the Return of the Mouse. My personal perspective is one of optimism. As long as I am not hearing No, my assumption is Yes.

The previous paragraph aside, this blog’s purpose is to ensure you all know what I know as I interact with school district officials. In other words, straight news. The proper forum for sharing opinions and making decisions is an official club meeting, and as president I suggest we schedule one soon. All in favor?

Black Mouse Update 6-02-22 B

Two months between updates, and now two in one day!

I got the following reply just now to my query about the project progress and felled trees:

“The Wastewater Treatment project goes out to bid tomorrow (6/3). I do not anticipate a start date before mid-August. State Permits were delayed.

The trees were a major hazard. We had to get them down. We will be moving some of the debris in the coming weeks but we are swamped with year-end and graduation projects. Kids first.

I will work on getting a project site map to determine if the course would be playable during construction or at least where detours may be necessary.

Have you sent over an Agreement to Chris Schiermeyer laying out terms and conditions as discussed yet? Hours of operation, responsibilities for maintenance and clean-up, parking limitations, posted rules, liability insurance, etc.?”

I replied saying we would help with the debris IF it meant getting the course open sooner, before the project is completed.

I will work on drafting an agreement if that is required. If someone wants to help (depending on what is required) that’d be great.

The positive takeaway is that the path to reopening is still there. Let’s schedule a meeting in the near future to discuss. Thanks everyone!

Black Mouse Update 6-02-22

Hello, Black Mouse Faithful,

We’ve been stuck in a holding pattern for quite a while now, so there hasn’t been much to report since I was told we can start the reopening process when the leach field project is completed and signed off by the state. 

With school about to adjourn and one concerning new development, it seems like a good time to share.

The last time I received communication from the district superintendent or head of operations – a couple of months ago – the project was about to begin. Since then I’ve left multiple voicemails and sent multiple emails without a reply. I’m a little troubled by that. 

A couple of days ago I walked up there to look for project evidence and found none, but I did discover a number of firs cut down and littered across holes 1,2, 3, and 9. Luckily no damage to tees, benches, or sleeves that I could see, but all of those holes are majorly affected, playability-wise.

Behind Hole 3 tee
The old grandaddy Fir, just downhill from Hole 9 tee
Hole 1 tee area. The fairway also has several new very large trunks.

I just left more messages so we’ll see if I get a response. We may need to coordinate a show of solidarity and determination to get our course back. I think we should schedule a meeting and as a group determine a course of action.

To those who donated to the GoFundMe campaign, thanks again. Those funds remain untouched and safely in the hands of our club treasurer, Doug O’Dell.

Black Mouse Update 3-22-22

We should be closer to a reopening of Black Mouse than we were at the time of the last update, 1.5 months ago. However, nothing has changed in terms of the remaining hurdles to be cleared. Hurdle 1 (the main one that is out of our control) is the completion and state approval of a septic/leach field project that is in the same area as the course.

I checked in with the superintendent a couple days ago, and here is his reply:


Thanks for reaching out and glad your clean-up day was a success.  We are still waiting for final approval from the state, should be soon.  When we get approval, we can work on the timeline and when you could access the area.

I replied asking if we could use this lag time to begin evaluating an additional site he mentioned as a possibility for a new course in Boulder Creek. I’ve been cautious about taking this approach as I don’t want them thinking we’ll settle for this course instead of restoring Black Mouse, but I don’t think this is an issue now. When I hear back, I’ll be sure to share.

In the meantime, hang in there, and please continue to respect the school rules. Thanks for your support!

Black Mouse Update 2-7-22

The wheels of progress grind on.

With tacit approvals in place, the main thing holding us back from a reopen date is the completion and approval of a leach field update project that is partially on/adjacent to the course. The district should have accepted a bid by now, and the work itself supposedly will not take long. Hopefully approval from the state will happen quickly as well.

As for the club, we’re doing our part by cleaning up all the debris that has accumulated from 1.5 years of disuse. Our first work day is Saturday Feb 12th at 10 AM. Show up by hole 1 with gloves and we’ll put you to work.

As soon as we have an idea of when the leach field project will wrap up, we’ll be ordered signage thanks to a very successful Go Fund Me campaign. Thanks to all who contributed.

If you do Facebook, join our group there to stay connected. We will try to keep the news up to date here as well. Thanks!